The fourteen islands on Lake Malaren that make up the city of Stockholm preserve a seven hundred year of history that racount the story of the Swedish capital. The buildings of the late nineteenth century, the Gothic churches, parks characterize a european capital in which architecture and nature coexist in perfect balance. The metroline is a place of art: among these is the subway line where the stops become a moment to discovery the works of local artists exhibited in them. Craftsmen and designers contribute to maintain the local tradition, especially Gamla Stan, a maze of medieval streets that make up the old center. Stockholm Wood Factory will be built on the islet of Stadsholem to keep the cultural ferment of the entire district alive. Woodworking laboratories and exhibition areas will offer visitors a new space of interaction. An architecture that, by placing itself on a border line, becomes a connection between the town and the coast.


Place: Stockholm, Sweden, Kornhamnstrong