Oslo is a unique place in perfect balance between architecture and nature: green landscapes, first among all the Fjords, make this one of the greenest cities in Europe. Great explorers have started to conquer extreme peaks but there are also artistic personalities, Munch and Viegeland, that have characterized Norwegian history. History and tradition are mixed with instances of contemporary design: Astrup Feornley Museu, Operahuslet, Barcode district, are just some of the architectures that have given a new image to the urban waterfront. In this area of interesting ferment we want to imagine the Oslo Cultural Center, a contemporary sign in a district that with the Forsvartmuseet and the Nasjonallmuseet of Arkitektur has become a small cultural citadel. Auditorium, exhibition halls and photographic archives will be part of a new building in which events and performances will allow the local community to share experiences of historical-cultural value. A place for culture that gives continuity to the already started territorial development program.

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Anyone can participate, without limits of age or country, either individually or in group. You cannot take part in the contest with more than one project.


A project for a new Cultural Center in Oslo



ORDINARY ENTRY: from 07th of January – 27th of February the fee entry is of 30,00 euros for team (regardless of the number of competitors) and 20,00 euros if the participant is unique.

EXTRAORDINARY ENTRY: from 28th of February – 12th of April the fee entry is of 40,00 euros for team (regardless of the number of competitors) and 25,00 euros if the participant is unique.

FREE ENTRY: For those who want to take part in the contest by renouncing the final prize the participation fee is of 10,00 euros. The entry is valid for the entire duration of the contest (14th of January – 12 th of April).

You can write on email at startfortalents@gmail.com for ask specify about bank transfer payment or submit your entry using our PayPal account startfortalents@gmail.com


One A0 panel and the project report no later than the date of 12th of April (deadline 23:59 norvegian timetable). The works might be delivered in digital format to the mail: startfortalents@gmail.com


First ranking for the participant with ordinary or extraordinary entry:

#The winner will receive a prize of 1000,00 euro (excluding TAX).

#Top three finishers will have an annual subscription to the DOMUS magazine in digital format.

#The winners and mentioned might take part for life at all our future competitions that we will propose on ours portal.

Second ranking for the participant with Free entry:

#The unique winning project will be receive an annual subscription to the magazine DOMUS in digital format.

The results will be announced no later than the date of 29th of April 2019. The winners and mentioned projects will be published on our site.